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Free membership of the OTA is automatically bestowed on pupils who have been at Taunton School for more than 3 terms - Old Weirfieldians are 'embraced' within the Association and receive the same benefits. Membership includes invitations to Dinners and other events as well as receipt of the OT Review magazine. This website provides an easy means of facilitating personal contacts with other OTs and OWs for mutual support, both in the UK and overseas. We hope it will encourage participation in OTA events, be they social, cultural or sporting and will facilitate the promotion of valuable business contacts. As a member of the OTA, you should be aware that your contact details are recorded on computers by Taunton School on behalf of the Old Tauntonian Association. Addresses (email & postal) are made freely available to bona fide members of the Association through this secure, passworded website. As a bona fide member of the OTA you implicitly agree to act responsibly and not misuse any information accessed through this secure, passworded website. Members who abuse this facility will be 'locked out' by the Administrator.

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